Customized wellness programming with measurable results.


EmpowerU® is our well-researched wellness programming that addresses the needs of the individuals in your care that go beyond the food that fuels their bodies. Based on the latest empirical science on aging, we focus on the importance of ongoing learning and mind/body fitness to elevate the whole being so that each senior realizes his or her potential. EmpowerU® has proven to be critical to the overall vitality and spirit of an entire community.

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We engage residents and associates by creating a new awareness, a new understanding, and a new attitude about human aging that not only intrigues residents and sta­ff but also empowers them to think differently about their own potential.


We educate residents and associates through interactive experiences that explore the key dimensions of physical wellness – food, nutrition information and function.


The multi-disciplinary nature of EmpowerU® helps residents and associates grow, develop, change, and evolve. They break down their aging stereotypes, embrace life, experience a new world of expanded opportunity, and begin living at their full potential, as well as approaching healthier life styles.



EmpowerU® Portal is the Technology and Solutions for Nutrition and Wellness information. Participants have access to Monthly Health Education information on such topics as Nutrition, health and exercise, and whole person wellness. Participants take part in Four Team challenges per year that are managed via the EmpowerU® portal. These challenges are comprised of nutritional and whole person wellness. Our EmpowerU® portal allows our resident to be engaged, educated and evolve into whole person wellness.

Food and Function

We understand that our Residents are well educated in wellness and look to foods for their nutrient content and the functional benefits they provide. FLIK Lifestyles focuses on fresh wholesome foods, giving our seniors the ability to incorporate foods with a function into their daily menu choices. Functional foods are nutrient-dense foods that provide additional benefits other than just calories. Our Culinary Philosophy naturally connects fresh local ingredients while following our Menus of Change Culture which assures that wellness becomes a lifestyle that enhances and enriches the lives of our seniors every day.