Platinum Service®
Industry leading service culture that gets better with age.


Platinum Service®

Our trademarked, proprietary Platinum Service® is inspired by the legendary Ritz-Carlton customer service model and has been yielding best-in-class results since its inception 12 years ago as the FLIK Hospitality Group’s standard of excellence. Our rigorous and sophisticated training process gives our management team and all of our associates the confidence, competence, tools and motivation to keep them invested in achieving ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction. By emphasizing building relationships based on respect, warmth and understanding, we build customer loyalty. We constantly evaluate ourselves and benchmark our practices against the world leaders.

Managers and associates that are rewarded for exceeding expectations


Associate Recognition

When our mangers and associates exceed even our own high standards, we recognize them. We know that rewarding excellence creates a work culture where everybody feels valued and honored...and it inspires all of us at FLIK Lifestyles to be more fully and genuinely engaged in our daily interactions with your seniors.

How do we keep the best
and the brightest?


Training/Mentoring/Associate Retention Through Career Cultivation

We make it our business to keep our FLIK Lifestyles team members fresh, inspired, and passionate about enriching the lives of seniors every day. First, we go to great lengths to hire the right people. We call it "hiring from the heart." Pristine credentials are a prerequisite. But it's the intangibles that make a very real difference. The way somebody makes eye contact. The way they actively listen so they can engage in meaningful conversations. We make it our business to give every associate the continuing training, mentoring and tools they need to take pride and ownership of their responsibilities on our team.