Authenticity Is Our Main Ingredient


Our Culinary Philosophy

We want our food to bring people together in a spirit of community. Through the freshness and authenticity of our ingredients and the innovation and dedication of our culinary professionals, we don’t just make great meals, we make a difference in the lives of seniors. We pay attention to all the details like using seasonal, local ingredients packed with vitality and nutrition. The marriage of regional cuisine with innovative techniques and unexpected taste twists keep things interesting. Our chefs will always create food rich in your traditions and tailored to your tastes.


Fresh. Wholesome. Nourishing.
Delectable. We promise!

Prepared, frozen and convenience foods may make things easier, but they will never make it into our kitchens. We’ll keep it fresh and real for you and your seniors because you can’t deliver on a promise of authenticity if you rely on artificial ingredients. And, because of our impressive purchasing power, we’ll also be an invaluable partner in helping you contain food costs without ever compromising on quality.

menus of change

Our Menus of Change initiative our commitment to sustainable practices that impact the health of your residents and our planet.

Our practices and programs

  • mmp

    Our residents embark on monthly trips around the world by means of our high-quality culinary marketing celebrations which allow residents to enjoy house made delectable global cuisine authentically prepared by our Chefs.

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    My Marketing Plan

    My Marketing Plan (MMP) is a web-based resource available to operators that houses high-quality promotions and special events which helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention; participation and sales; productivity by keeping customers on-site; employee morale

  • webtrition

    All FLIK Lifestyles culinarians utilize proprietary best-in-class FIT recipes developed by our culinary leaders celebrating a great array of cuisine from around the globe.

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    Webtrition is a menu management and design tool that maintains our organizational FIT standards and helps control food costs in every operation. Webtrition also produces custom signage featuring accurate nutritional information designed to meet client and customer demand.

  • plate-pallette

    We create an artistic approach to dignified dining by applying classical culinary techniques with a modern presentation.

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    An Artistic Approach to Dining with Dignity

    Plate Palette creates an artistic approach to dignified dining in our communities by applying classical culinary techniques with a modern presentation.Plate Palette focuses on equal food emphasis in all levels of care for our residents with the focus on flavor while following precise culinary techniques. These techniques are applied to key therapeutic diets such as Puree, Finger Foods and Mechanical Soft, while keeping the integrity of the flavor, fresh ingredients and presentation of our food for all residents. Our Chefs embrace Plate Palette as this philosophy brings out the artist in our culinarians while still maintaining the dignity in our dining program across all levels of care.

  • quench

    Following our “Authenticity of our Ingredients” philosophy, we create more than just hydration for our Residents.

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    More than just hydration

    Following our FLIK Lifestyles Culinary Philosophy, “Authenticity of our Ingredients”, we create more than just hydration for our Residents. The ideation of telling a story of local, fresh and seasonal ingredients at our Quench stations creates a conversation around fresh ingredients that carries through the refreshing Aqua Fresca’s, fresh ingredients and fresh baked snacks.

  • kosher

    Our kosher dining program is the ultimate example of how we honor and respect the wishes and customs of our clients.

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    Where kosher tradition meets modern flavors

    Our kosher dining program is the ultimate example of how we honor and respect the wishes and customs of our clients. Everybody involved in the management, handling and preparation of our food is thoroughly educated in the best practices to ensure absolute observance of kosher law. At the same time, we always allow for human inspiration from our chefs to incorporate modern flavors and techniques into these long standing traditions. Through our dedicated kosher purchasing program, we are able to source the finest ingredients at considerable savings to you and your residents.



At FLIK Lifestyles we take a customized approach to innovation by understanding what is important to our customers, residents and clients. Listening first then applying innovation to solutions through our depth of resources, systems and programs to tailor the right innovations for each of our Communities, adding excitement to the dining experience while elevating the marketability and partnership.