Where old-fashioned values meet state-of-the-art innovation


Guiding Principles

The most important thing about us is that we are all about you. We’re committed to satisfying your needs...being your partner...and improving life at your community. By focusing on respect, dignity, ethical business practices, growth and innovation we’re committed to giving seniors a new lease on life. We care deeply about integrity, safety and accountability. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure that we set the highest standards in the industry, today and tomorrow.

We are respectful, honest and ethical
We deliver on our promises
We own our business
We are innovators
We are committed to growth


Our Goal: Enrich the lives of seniors every day

“What can I do better today for the unique individuals I am serving?” That’s a question everybody on the FLIK Lifestyles team ask themselves every day. We work hard to learn who you are, so that we can develop customized solutions to maximize the overall satisfaction of every senior in your care, every day. This results in happier, healthier, more vital and engaged seniors. And, ultimately, leads to the growth of your community’s reputation for excellence.


Our family tree is rooted in excellence, service and innovation

The Compass Group, our parent company, is a global leader in the hospitality and dining world. FLIK Hospitality Group is an $800 million organization with a wealth of resources and an unsurpassed reputation for integrity and innovation. Morrison Community Living, our sister company, has set the highest standards for senior living services. Each of these industry leading, forward thinking companies has a rich history that has played a critical part in the evolution of FLIK Lifestyles. Where we came from is impressive. Where we’re going is even more exciting.

It started with a man, it’s evolved into a mission.


It all begins

For nearly a half century, Rudiger Flik, a man of great vision, has lived a life devoted to excellence, integrity, consistency and innovation that has inspired a dining and hospitality organization with a unique personality. A trend setter from the beginning, Rudiger left Germany as a Chef Apprentice and brought his considerable skills and passion to the United States.



Rudiger and Julie Flik started with a promise of providing the highest standards for food quality, service and people in the hospitality industry. That initial vision has grown and evolved over time.



FLIK joined the Compass Group



Scott Davis becomes President of FLIK International



FLIK International rebranded to Hospitality Group and FLIK Lifestyles created


Present day

Currently, the FLIK Hospitality Group is one of the most recognized and admired hospitality organizations with over 400 locations operating in 35 states with nearly 9,000 associates who share Rudiger’s passion, and fulfill his mission on a daily basis.

Services offered

Services that enrich the lives of seniors every day

FLIK Lifestyles offers a comprehensive menu of innovative, state-of-the-art services and resources tailored to the needs of today’s vital and sophisticated seniors. Each and every service has been carefully designed to add value to your community at a cost that makes sense for you and your residents.


We specialize in consistently wholesome, nourishing, fresh and delectable food served in a rich dining atmosphere.


A wellness program that addresses the physical, nutritional and ongoing learning components of living life to the fullest.


Environmental services that beautify and maintain the personal and common areas of your community--interior and exterior--and gives residents a real sense of pride in their home.